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Happy New Year from all of us at Paint Party Studios!


As we begin 2017 we are excited to bring you hundreds of new painting ideas in our look books.

Here’s a quick preview of just a few of the new ideas we’ve curated to inspire you next time you come paint with us. Of course you are always welcome to put your own personal twist on any painting ideas we have and you can pick your own colors to make it your own.

These are just a sampling of the literally hundreds of painting ideas you can choose from in our look books when you come in to paint with us. Our experienced art instructors carefully curate our painting ideas based on a combination of customer ideas and degree of painting difficulty to ensure we have paintings that are beginner-friendly and can be finished in about 2-3 hours. 

Once you’ve picked your painting, we will sketch it for you on your canvas. You pick the paint colors and we give you full instructions throughout the process. 

Call us at 251-343-2423, email or Message us on Facebook to make reservations to come paint your own masterpiece in our Midtown Mobile studio.

We’re open for Adult BYOB Paint & Sip on Fridays and Saturdays 6-11pm or make a private reservation on Sat/Sun Afternoons, Sun/Mon/Thurs Nights. Kids parties available weekend afternoons by reservation.



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Pumpkin Paint Party at George Hall Elementary School


img_20161019_144500-animationWe had so much fun painting pumpkins today with the winners of our Classroom Paint Party Giveaway.

Ms. Norwood’s 5th grade class won our Facebook contest in September and what a great group of painters.

So creative – we started with basic pumpkins and then the kids added moons, stars and even bats! What a great afternoon of painting – followed by a chance to make silly faces for our photo shoot. What a happy bunch of kids – but no surprises there – painting makes everyone happy!!

Call us at 251-343-2423 to schedule your classroom paint party. Just $10 per student and no charge for us to come to your school.

Paintings make great Christmas presents for Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents!

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First Year at Upham Part 1Celebrating Our First Year Back in Midtown

It’s been a year since Paint Party Studios moved back to Midtown and we’ve had a blast! A big thanks to all our wonderful customers who followed us to Midtown and to all our new customers who discovered us after we moved. We are looking forward to many more years on Upham Street and thought we’d share these montages of what a fun year it has been.

Our first few months (top left) brought many new faces into the studio – but for our regulars you might enjoy seeing some of our big canvases when they were still being painted.First Year at Upham Part 2

The next few months saw lots of off-site Christmas paint parties at schools, churches and offices. We also celebrated birthdays of all ages and moved into Mardi Gras season with some festive paintings and decorations for our front window. (right)

As we headed into Valentine’s Day we had a huge turnout for our romantic Valentine’s Paint & Sip and then headed back to schools for lots of Mother’s Day paintings and end of school year paint parties.

We hosted even more birthdays for kids and adults, had girls night out, date nights, office parties, teambuilding events, fundraisers, class reunions, graduation parties and people coming in to paint just for fun!

It’s hard to believe how much we packed into just one year. We love being back in Midtown where there’s such a creative vibe that seems to bring out the inner artist in everyone who comes to paint with us.

We’re excited to see what this next year brings and hope everyone has had as much fun painting with us as we’ve had hosting paint parties. If you’re ready to schedule your next paint party – give us a call at 251-343-2423 to make your reservations to come paint with us in Midtown.

First Year at Upham Part 3 First Year at Upham Part 4



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WL7056 Queen Peacock We’re excited to add over 50 new images to our online gallery including some fun new owls and peacocks which are always popular with our Paint Party Studios guests.
Whether you want to paint your own idea or choose from our gallery of hundreds of images, we’ve got professional artists on staff to help you create your own masterpiece.

What we like about these paintings is the bold use of color in each of them. The multi-colored owl is especially fun – it looks like she painted it with neon paints but really that’s just bold colors and the black paint makes it really pop.

WL7058 Green Glam PeacockWe are often asked if everyone has to use the same colors as the original and our answer is always – not at all! We love it when our customers change up the colors and put their own personal twist on the images from our gallery!
Another fun twist is when painters add a little metalic or glitter paint to their painting. If you look closely at the green peacock, you may be able to see the shimmer of glitter that makes it pop. Likewise there’s some gold metallic paint on the gold and purple peacock.

WL7055 Purple OwlWe also have fun with swirls to add a little whimsy to paintings and make an otherwise flat space look fun and fresh. these curly swirls work well here – other times we use S swirls or polka dots or even chevrons to add a little pizazz to paintings.

WL7057 Neon Owl The important thing to remember is to relax and have fun while painting. Each of these paintings turned out fantastic, but they all went through what we call the “awkward stage” that all acrylic paintings go through. Some of the painters that were first-timers started to get a little discouraged when it hit the “awkward phase”, but were delighted when it started to come together to be the amazing finished painting they got to take home with them.

Call us at 251-343-2423 to make your reservations to paint one of our new gallery images, one of our old favorites or bring your own idea.


WL7048 Smug Owl

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We had some fun last week with our Wednesday class doing our art version of a Windows upgrade. Someone in Midtown was selling these old windows on Craigslist last summer and, since our Midtown studio doesn’t have a lot of windows, we thought we’d try something creative to make it seem like we had more of a view. With the help of our super artists in our Wednesday Mixed Media Art Class, we sketched out a beach theme on some unstretched canvas and went to work painting as a team.

Window Beach UmbrellaThose in charge of water did a fantastic job mixing various blues and teals together to give the ocean a more realistic look, but the most fun was when we pulled out the sponges to give the sand some texture and add clouds in the sky. For a short time a storm blew in on our umbrella painting – our artists were having so much fun with their sponges they covered the whole sky in clouds. Since we had already committed to a sunny scene, we got some more blue paints out and went back to a sunny day, covering up the sky full of clouds with sponged on blue sky.

Window Beach CrabThere was teamwork throughout the process as the umbrella painting required some coordination to pick the umbrella colors by group vote. I’m also very impressed with the team that painted the crab. One of our young artists, Ella, did most of the sketching for the crab herself as a freehand drawing after class a couple of weeks before. She then led her group in mixing reds and oranges to get the color she wanted and when he was just right, they got out the tiny brushes and outlined him in black. When they were all done, we added just a few highlights here and there.

Both paintings turned out really, really well – I couldn’t be more proud of the talented artists in our after school Mixed Media Art Class. Now that we have the canvas stretched onto the windows, we just need to get the hardware to hang them. So next time you’re in the studio, be sure to get a look at our Windows upgrade. I hope you’re as impressed with the kids’ artwork as we are!

Window Beach Scenes

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Painting With Scissors


MatisseThis week in our mixed media art classes we learned about Henri Matisse and how in his later life his art revolved around cutouts which he called “painting with scissors” and “cutting directly into color.” While the colors he used for his cutouts were gouache on white paper, we substituted construction paper as we too painted with our scissors.

We started out with large 6×12″ sheets of colored paper for a background, then, using as many colors as we could, we added squiggles, abstract designs and whatever other elements of interest we could think up.

Matisse3While we were working, we kept our “scrap” paper in the middle of the table as one artists scrap quickly became another artists treasure as we shared materials and ideas with our classmates. We quickly found certain students were especially skilled at cutting certain shapes and they were eager to cut extras to share with their classmates.

Among the art elements the children learn from this exercise is seeing positive and negative space. When we cut a squiggle out of paper and then cut it again, we create the background and the cutout. The cutout is the positive element. The background, which in other circumstances might be mistaken for scrap paper, can then be glued onto our art to allow the color behind it to show through showing us how we can work with negative space to create design elements in our art.

Matisse2Many of the cutout works of Matisse were abstract, so there were no rules we had to follow in creating our cutout art. However, one of our prompts was his 1947 cutout, “The Codomas (Les Codomas).”

On first glance it’s not easy to see that there is structure to this one as it can pass for purely abstract. But on closer inspection we see two trapezes (one white and one blue), two yellow squiggles representing the trapeze artists and black squares representing the net below. One of my Monday afternoon students did a very good job of replicating this one in the pink artwork on this page (with purple trapezes and red trapeze artists).

Below are three famous works by Matisse (including the far right of “The Codomas (Les Codomas)” with some of our Wednesday class art underneath. Some of our young artists incorporated markers into their cutout, some created specific images (like the flower on the left) and others enjoyed creating something abstract. Note the negative and positive space used by some students with the inside and outside pieces of swirls. Some students also got creative by adding a three dimension element to their art either folding paper for effect or not entirely gluing their cutouts so some popped off the page.


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Valentines WineCelebrate Valentine’s Day this Sunday with your special someone and uncork your creative side. Join us for our BYOB Valentine’s Day Paint & Sip and you and your sweetie will each have beautiful paintings to remember the occasion.

Swirl HeartFor Valentine’s Day we have an early-bird special at 2pm for $20 per person so you can paint before you go to dinner. For those who want to paint with us at 6pm, it’s $30 per person and we’ll have a complementary glass of wine (21+) and chocolates. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations.

Sunday seating is by reservation only and is limited to the first 14 couples at 2pm and the first 14 couples at 6pm.  We are also taking couple reservations for Friday night and Saturday afternoon or evening if you want to start your Valentine’s celebration early.

Paint one of our new Valentine paintings or choose from  100s of paintings in our gallery and lookbooks. Paint your own paintings or let us sketch one design on two canvases for a romantic painting together.

As always you can bring your own food and drinks to enjoy while you paint or order food to be delivered. We provide the wine glasses, openers and fridge. And yes you can bring something other than wine to enjoy while you paint (must be 21+ for adult beverages). Call or Facebook message us to reserve your seats or with any questions.

For those who are new to the BYOB Paint & Sip experience, please allow about 2-3 hours so you can relax, enjoy your food and drink and not feel rushed to complete your painting. If you know your painting choices in advance, you can let us know so we have your canvas sketched when you arrive. If this is a surprise for your date, you are welcome to pick what you want to paint after you arrive.


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Parade MarshallWe had such a fun day today. We walked down Old Shell Road just a block or so from our studio at 15 Upham St. and got to watch the Mystics of Ashland Place parade.

BandThis was hands-down the CUTEST PARADE EVER. And kudos to the parents not only for the great job they did on the floats and costumes, but for many to get into the spirit of things with their own costumes as they pulled the floats in the parade.
Goodnight MoonWe’re so happy to be part of this creative neighborhood full of such great community spirit. The kids in the parade had a blast throwing beads, candy, moon pies and toys as the kids watching the parade scrambled for all the goodies.


Ice CreamIt was just adorable! Smiles all around as everyone watching marveled at so many amazing floats and costumes! These pictures are just a few of the fantastic design effort that went into this event.

It’s special days like this that let us know we picked the perfect neighborhood for Paint Party Studios to be a part of.

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Kids After School Mixed Media Art Class


We had fun in our Wednesday after school Mixed Media Class this afternoon. We’re painting Mardi Gras masks – they’re drying now and we’ll finish them up with some bling and other fun details next week. The kids did their own mask sketches and then learned about painting with palette knives for the background to give it what we called a “messy” random background. They all had fun personalizing their masks with swirls and feathers. We emphasized how fun it is to make each painting unique.

The class is open to kids ages 6-10 and while we’ve welcomed many new students this month from St. Mary’s and Council Traditional School – we still have a few spots still available so call 251-343-2423 to register. Tuition is $50 per month. For those who have Girl Scouts every other Wednesday, we pro-rate the tuition to accommodate your schedule.


Technique Thursday Evening Class Forming


Parents and older siblings (ages 11+) that are interested in Mixed Media Art – we’re trying to form a Thursday evening class from 5:30-6:30pm for learning about different paint techniques like adding texture to the canvas before painting or using heavy body paints. If you are interested, please email us at to add your name to the list. We’ll let you know when we have enough to start that class.

Class fees will be $50 per month or $15 per session for drop-in. We will be working with smaller canvases and other painting surfaces in order to try some fun experimental techniques and some painting mediums that you may have heard about but aren’t sure how to get started painting with. So if you’re looking for a fun class where we’re always trying something new, give our Technique Thursday class a try to get a sneak peek at how some of those art mediums are used.


Mardi Gras Masks

Some talented 1st & 2nd grade artists learned how to use palette knives to create an abstract background.