Want to paint for FREE? The Paint Party Studio version of Lagniappe

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Baker's Half-dozen

Make advance, pre-paid reservations for six, get the 7th free!

I’m new to the area – so I had never heard the word Lagniappe (and I’m still not sure I’m pronouncing it right!). But I looked it up and discovered it loosely relates to what those of us out west would call a “bakers dozen”.

So here at Paint Party Studios – we want to introduce our own version of Lagniappe – a half-baker’s dozen. When you make advance, pre-paid reservations¬†for six or more of your creative friends to come in for a paint party, as the event planner, you can paint free. In other words, the 7th one is free for a half-dozen (or more) reservation.

This offer is good if everyone’s painting choice is the same price (six of the same size canvas, six wood door hangers, and so on) and cannot be combined with our student or military discount. Reservations must be pre-paid at least 48 hours in advance.

If you would rather share the Lagniappe with your friends, instead of painting for free, you can take $5 off the price for everyone in your group as long as you pre-pay at least 48 hours in advance in one group payment. (NOTE: To get the $5 off each person, the payment must be one group payment.)

So come enjoy a Lagniappe from us when you plan ahead with a pre-paid advance reservation for your group’s next paint party. Call 251-343-2423 to reserve¬†now.

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