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Woman in a Purple and Pink HatCome in and paint something new this weekend at our Midtown Studio at Upham and Old Shell Rd. We’ve got lots of new paintings to choose from in our in-studio look books. And of course you can always change up the colors and add some bling to your painting if it needs something to make it pop.

We’ve got BYOB Paint & Sip tonight 10/24 – you bring dinner and drinks while you paint your own masterpiece. You can start painting anytime between 5:30-7:30pm and we stay open until everyone’s finished (usually around 10:30pm).

Walk-ins are welcome or call 251-343-2423 for reservations.


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TTissue Glitter and Ink Floweroday’s painting a day is a mixed media flower from our afterschool Mixed Media Art class. This painting incorporates tissue paper, some sparkly highlight paints and ink pen.

Our afterschool Mixed Media Art class is held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm at the Azalea City Center for the Arts. We have seats available if you would like to register your child. Each week we learn about a famous artist and try some new art techniques to create works similar to that artist but with our own creative flair.

Call 251-343-2423 to for more information about our kids art classes.

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ButterflyWe have a full house for Friday’s Open Studio – so join us on Saturday – in the afternoon we’ll have our usual Kids/Family Painting Time with special $20 per person pricing. Once the kids are done, we welcome $20 Adults Only Open Studio (aka Date Night) starting at 5pm and going until about 11pm (or whenever everyone is done painting).

Come paint this butterfly or any of our new or longtime favorite paintings from our studio gallery. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations. Walk-ins welcome if there’s seating available but priority will go to those with advance reservations.

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Splatter PoppiesToday’s painting is a free-form vase of poppies with some whimsical splatter paint. We’re always looking for new ideas for our Paint Party Studios gallery for you to come in and paint during our Open Studio sessions or for private parties.

Join us this Saturday night for Date Night – aka Adults Only Laid Back Painting Studio for $20 per Person. Come paint these poppies or choose from hundreds of other paintings in our gallery. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations.

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Live Laugh LoveBack on track with ARTober’s Painting a Day #11 “Live – Laugh – Love” mixed media watercolor and pen and ink. Four other paintings got started over the last couple of days – so I was painting every day – however none of them are finished so they can’t be posted yet.

Lots going on in the studio this coming weekend – Friday we have a full house and an off-site event but we’re still taking reservations for Saturday with Kids and Family Painting from noon-5pm (arrive by 3pm to finish by 5pm) and Date Night (aka Adults Only BYOB Open Studio for $20 per person) from 5-11pm. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations for either event Saturday or to book a private party on Sundays or any weeknight.


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War EagleLast Saturday the Painting a Day #3 was Alabama, this Saturday the Painting a Day #10 is a War Eagle. Auburn has a bye week today so it’s a perfect day to come paint something to show your team spirit.

Alabama, Auburn, LSU – whatever your team we’re happy to help you create your own art celebrating football season.

Kids and Adults Open Studio starts at noon today. Arrive between noon-3pm and paint for just $20 per person. After 5pm we shift to Adults and Teens Open Studio. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations.

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Swirl TreeWe’ve been working on swirl trees and Kandinsky-like circles in our after school art classes with a variety of mixed medias including oil pastels, construction paper, watercolors and glitter paints so here’s a new one for the studio.

What’s fun about the swirl tree is it’s so easy to personalize with your own colors. Change up the background to autumn will fall colors on the circles. Or make it a Christmas swirl tree with holiday cheer.

Call us at 251-343-2423 to come in and paint this or any of our other many gallery images.

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Birthday CupcakeKids love paint party birthday parties – and we love hosting them! Everyone arrives excited to paint their own painting to take home and we provide all the painting supplies, aprons, brushes – everything they need for a painting session. You bring the food, refreshments and any balloons or table-top decorations you’d like and just let us know if you need to arrive early to set up.

Our birthday party package is priced for a minimum of 10 children, but If you don’t have 10 children attending – we encourage Saturday afternoon reservations during our Kids and Adults $20 Saturday Afternoon Open Studio.

Children’s birthdays can be scheduled on Saturdays during Open Studio, after-school (starting around 3:30pm), on weeknights or on Sunday afternoons. Just call 251-343-2423 to schedule your child’s birthday party.


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WatercolorsPulled out the watercolors for today’s painting and got a little carried away. Was working in the home studio playing around with some holiday-themed ideas, a birthday card idea and a watercolor version of our purple flower.

Very excited about our upcoming Thursday afternoon mixed media art class (3:45-6:15pm Thursdays) in Midtown starting the last week in October. Plan to have some watercolor lessons mixed in with some of the other experimental painting we’ll do.

Call 251-343-2423 for more information about our upcoming mixed media art class.