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Roll Tide CrossOur rustic crosses are really popular in the studio so we’re always looking for new ideas to add some variety to our gallery. This cross has the rustic background and I couldn’t decide between chevrons and polka dots – both of which are popular options – so I did a little of both. You can customize yours by picking one or the other (polka dots or chevrons); adding your name or a quote with paint marker or changing the colors (Auburn fans might change it to blue and orange).

We love coming up with new painting ideas and it’s even more fun when you put your own special twist on it to make it truly unique.

We’ll be introducing extended hours for November and December as we get ready for the holiday season so check out our new calendar for details and call us at 251-343-2423 for reservations.

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Bold CoffeeI started this month with a goal of finishing a painting a day. It seemed like an attainable goal and I also had secretly planned to paint multiple paintings some days to pay it forward for days I was too busy to paint or was having artist block.

As it turns out, while I picked up a paintbrush nearly every day this month and I definitely helped over 31 customers and after school art students with their paintings, it is hard for me to find time to sit down and paint a complete painting a day of my own.

To be fair I started painting two oversized canvases this month, painted some custom images that I didn’t share online because they were for private group paint parties and I also painted a few paintings that I just wasn’t happy enough with to post, so I probably painted enough canvas this month to count as 31 paintings, but in the end this first month of Painting a Day proved I will need to find some more time for my own paintings.

Of course I have more fun working in the studio when customers are there, and when I have customers, I tend to focus on them, not my own work. And it’s not as much fun to paint in an empty studio. But clearly if I want to get a Painting a Day completed in November, I’ll have to be more disciplined about my plan.

Maybe I just need to start drinking coffee – like this Bold Coffee painting I painted this week.

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Pink Flowers in Mason JarAfter working on the giant 5’x6′ canvas Wednesday night at my home studio, it seemed so much quicker to paint these fun flowers in a mason jar. It’s always fun to show customers how we make “glass” on our painting – I get a lot of questioning stares until the painting is finished and they see that in fact we did make the paint look like “glass” on the canvas.

Whether it’s an abstract floral painting like this, something seasonal for your holiday decorations, your own version of a master artist work, you’re welcome to come paint whatever you want during our Open Studio hours. Join us tonight (Friday) – we’re open from 5:30pm-10:30pm for our BYOB paint & sip session. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations. Walk-ins welcome if seats available.

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Courtney PaintingThose of you who have been to the studio have seen our giant paintings by our staff artists Meghan and Jordan and if you’ve stopped by in the last few weeks you’ve probably also seen the fish painting Daniel’s been working on lately. Everyone was having so much fun painting the giant canvases, I finally made time to start on one of my own. It’s no small task to paint a 5’x6′ canvas – especially when I’m in my home studio which is not very big. You can see I have it up off the floor by using 4×4 blocks. Since it’s 6′ tall I couldn’t get it much higher up without getting paint on my ceiling. So I had to sit on the floor to get that last corner. I finished the background Wednesday night and am working on some ideas of what the subject will be. I had an idea in my head but it was with reds and oranges for the background and when I went through my paints the blues caught my eye… Now I have to start over on my idea!

I posted this to my personal page and a very good friend commented on how happy and relaxed I look – and yes painting definitely makes me happy and relaxed. We find it has the same effect on many of our customers who comment about how relaxing it is to paint. If you’ve never painted before, give it a try – it can be very therapeutic. Call us at 251-343-2423 for reservations for a happy and relaxed evening of painting.

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Moms Paint PostcardWith the start of Elf! rehearsals at Azalea City Center for the Arts – we’re starting our Moms Paint! painting sessions during Thursday rehearsals.

Drop the kids at Elf! rehearsal and then head to our Midtown Mobile studio at 15 Upham St., Suite A for a relaxing painting session. We’re at Upham and Old Shell Rd next to Delish Desserts and across from Fuego.

Choose from a class ($15) or an open studio session (price varies based on canvas size). Call 251-343-2423 for more information.

Bring whatever drinks and snacks you want to enjoy while you’re relaxing and painting. We have all the art supplies.


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$10 Full Face
$5 MaskWe LOVE Halloween at Paint Party Studios and to celebrate, we’re offering special Kids Halloween Hours of 11am-4pm with face painting and an “all you can paint” art table for just $5 each.

Wear your costume and let one of our artists help you put the finishing touches on for $5 (mask around eyes) or $10 (full face painting) before you go out Trick-or-Treating!

Face painting takes from 10-20 minutes per child so we recommend you come early so we can get everyone done before it’s time to head out for treats.

Introducing Saturday Afternoon “All You Can Paint” Art Table $10 $5 Special

Want to do some painting while you wait? We’re introducing our new Saturday Afternoon “All You Can Paint” Art Table – normally $10 per child but for Halloween it’s half off – just $5 per child!

Abstract ArtAll You Can PaintWe’ll have washable paints out at our “all you can paint” art table and for just $5 per child your little artist can have fun painting their own unique masterpieces.

Ages 3+ for participating at the art table. Each child can paint on the art paper provided with washable paints.

Please note we will not be holding Open Studio during this time and the $5 per child does not include any canvas painting or acrylic paints.


We’ll be open for  Adult Open Studio Halloween Night $20 per person for ages 16+ from 6pm-Midnight. Costumes welcome.

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Patti's HeartHL Swirl HeartPeople ask us all the time if they can change their painting from what we have in the gallery. Our answer is, “OF COURSE YOU CAN!” It’s your painting you can do what you want with it and we’re happy to help you with it.

This last weekend, we had lots of people customize their paintings – here are just three examples. From changing the entire look of the painting (the heart painting changed to a heart on chevron background) to changing the style of the painting (the peacock changed color but also the whole style of the feathers) to just changing up the colors (blue dog became the painter’s own brown dog); you can customize your painting as much as you want.

Many people know they can bring their own painting ideas in to paint – but they may not realize they can change up paintings in our gallery to personalize them and make them unique.

Patti was looking for something to paint for her bedroom and while the swirls and stars are fun and whimsical, they didn’t really fit with what she had in mind. So we sketched the heart and added chevrons. This photo is a work-in-progress, but by the time she was done we had added some rustic effects that really pulled it all together as something she felt would go well with her decor.

The pink and purple peacock (below) was a fun alternative with a little more texture and a little brighter color than the original from our gallery. And blue dog became a favorite pet by changing him to brown.

So if you see an image in the gallery you like, but the colors or something about the style isn’t what you want – change it up to put your personal touch on it. We love that!

Call 251-343-2423 for reservations and check out our Facebook page where we have tons of photos where people have truly put their own personal style into their paintings. 
PeacockpeacockBC1023 Blue Dog Beachbrown dog

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Abstract blue nudeAbstract blue nude1I just LOVE how this beautiful abstract painting came together during our Saturday night Open Studio paint party. The background effect was done entirely with a pallet knife (it doesn’t show up as well in the picture as I had hoped it would but it was fun to watch).

I was sure the painter was an experienced artist. When I asked her she said no she wasn’t experienced, but she just loved watching Bob Ross videos and she was using what she learned from those and other painting how-to videos.

Abstract blue nude2All I can say is WOW! I wish I had a better camera as I don’t think these photos do it justice. It was truly something you would expect to see at a fine art studio. Of the many talented artists we had in the studio this weekend – I have to admit this is my favorite painting of the weekend.

Check us out on Facebook to see more pictures from this weekend. We had some really talented artists painting some fantastic art with lots of new paintings from outside of our gallery. We welcome new painting ideas so bring yours in to paint with us next weekend or get a group together and come in after work during the week. Call 251-343-2423 for reservations. Beginners welcome!

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Woman in a Yellow HatIt’s Saturday night – BYOB Paint & Sip night – couples, singles and small groups welcome. Never painted before? No problem! Come in and choose what you want to paint and we’ll pre-sketch it for you. We’ll give you instructions to get started and help you throughout the evening as you paint your own masterpiece. Beginners welcome!

Some come drink and paint with us tonight in Midtown at Upham and Old Shell Rd. Walk-ins welcome or call 251-343-2423 for reservations.