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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

 – Pablo Picasso

Corpus ChristiFor years Paint Party Studios has been visiting schools for paint parties with the kids to paint acrylic paintings for Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and just for fun. We’ve even incorporated art into science class (making STEM into STEAM) when we painted a mixed media solar system with some 2nd graders last spring for their field trip. They had been studying the solar system in class so when it was time to come to the studio, we worked with their teacher and came up with a curriculum-relevant painting idea to reinforce what they had been studying.

Of course sometimes our paint parties are just for fun – like our Christmas paint parties where we paint snowmen (and snow women) or other fun holiday characters or our end-of-the-year paint parties where we paint fun sea animals or summer flip flops. We often create custom images for school paint parties – especially for schools who have been having paint parties for years so we don’t duplicate what they’ve painted before. Our school paint parties are still just $10 per student whether we come to you or you come to us. And for every 20 paid canvases, we offer one free either for the teacher to join in the painting, or to help ensure everyone in the class can participate.

Invisible Ink Painting 3

In addition to our traditional acrylic paint parties, Paint Party Studios goes to schools to conduct art classes. This week at our afterschool classes in Fruitdale, we learned about crayon resist painting and color blending while we painted things that remind us of fall – like turkeys, falling leaves and football. Our favorite part of these classes is seeing how creative the kids can be coming up with their own painting ideas.Invisible Ink Painting 2

Our art classes use a variety of art mediums ranging from drawing to oil pastels to watercolor paints. In our classes, we introduce the children to an art element and the medium we will be using for the lesson. We then have a prompt either from their class curriculum or we teach about a master artist and show the students some ideas for what they can do to create their own art. We then encourage them to be creative with their painting so that everyone has a truly unique artwork to take home with them. Our lessons generally run 40-50 minutes and we provide all the art supplies including aprons for the kids. Pricing for our school mixed media art classes either at your school or as a field trip to our studio start at just $5 per child with a minimum of 20 children.

Kids Art Tables at Art Shows and Holiday FestivalsKids Reindeer Art2

This weekend Paint Party Studios will have Kids Art Tables at the Port City Craftsmen Show at the ABBA Shrine Center on Schillinger and Hitt Rd. and in two weeks we’ll be at the Holly Jolly Holiday Market at the Daphne Civic Center. Bring your kids and let them get creative with Christmas decorations including wood ornaments and small Christmas canvases for $5 or larger Christmas canvases for $10. At these events we use washable paints so even the very little painters can join in the fun.

Our goal with our kids art offerings is to encourage kids to be creative and enjoy art. We don’t worry about perfection in art – and we sure don’t need for everyone’s to look the same. We remind our students all the time that art doesn’t need to be perfect – it should be fun and creative! As Picasso is telling us (see quote above), children are artists naturally until someone tells them they are not. It’s our goal to never, ever tell a child they are not an artist and to encourage all children’s art – especially when it’s coming from their own imagination.

Call Paint Party Studios at 251-343-2423 to schedule us to come to your school or festival or to schedule a field trip to our studios.

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Snowman La LunaWe’re starting to see more Christmas paintings in the studio now. We’ve got many to choose from in our online gallery as well as some Christmas wood door hangers in-stock. Look at this fantastic job one of our customers did Sunday afternoon on this wood snowman door hanger. Super-cute scarf!

We have a limited quantity of snowmen, reindeer, Christmas stockings, Christmas ornaments and candy cane door hangers available in-stock (just $35 to paint while they last). We also have the letters J-O-Y that can be hung on the wall or connected with ribbon to hang on the door.

Call us at 251-343-2423 to make your paint party reservations. We don’t have a large inventory of the wood door hangers so if there is one you know you want to paint, we recommend you call in a payment to hold it.

Of course we always have canvases available so if you don’t see what you want in door hangers, you can always opt for a Christmas painting. In addition to our online Christmas gallery, we have a lookbook of new Christmas ideas that haven’t been painted in the studio yet. Come take a look and see what you can add to your Christmas decor.

See our calendar for available times to come in and paint during the Christmas season or call us to reserve your office party, girls night out or family paint party. We’ve got extended hours during the holiday season so just give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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11931249_500270306799703_1333060152_nHere are some pictures of the progression of a painting from start to finish. We tell everyone that first you’re loading on the paint. This can take a while (and a lot of paint), but it’s the foundation of the painting so you want to make sure you get enough on so you’re not seeing canvas peeking through.

Next the painting goes through what we call the “awkward phase” – which is where in some cases it looks like a hot mess and you start to notice all kinds of flaws with it that you want to fix. Don’t worry – pretty much all acrylic paintings go through this “awkward phase” where we think it might be time to start over. But then we push on and start to realize what we can do to get it to the finish line. This is where our artists step in to give you a pep talk and maybe show you some new technique to apply.

With this painting – if you look at the “awkward phase” picture and then the finished picture, I actually painted over some of my white circles after deciding I had put too many in. I then tried putting straight lines in for the stems and immediately regretted it. So let it dry and painted over that fiasco. I wasn’t sure what to do with all the blank space on the bottom and what to do about making them look like flowers not just floating bubbles so I played around with the green and finally came to the decision of putting in loose stalks of grass & stems that weren’t specific to any flower.

Oversized Canvas Flowers 2But it still wasn’t out of the “awkward phase” yet – it still needed something. The circles were still just sortof floating on a bed of grass. So I went to my favorite go-to – I watered my paints down and splattered them onto the canvas. I even have the fine mist of paint colors on my shoes to prove it (didn’t realize I was doing that until it was too late). There’s also a mist of colors on the studio floor. Good thing I was at the studio not my house! While you may not be able to see the splatter very well in the photo (last one), up close it really pulls everything together to a finished canvas. If you’re in the studio and can’t see how to get your painting through the “awkward phase” just ask us – we’ll help you and once you’ve gotten your painting through that “awkward phase”, you have something really wonderful and unique to take home or give as a gift.

Some people ask us how long it takes to paint one of these big canvases (this is a 4’x6′ canvas). When you’re painting in our studio, you’re usually choosing between an 11×14″ (a little more than 1’x1′) or a 16×20″ (a little less than 2’x2′). So it takes about 24 of the 11x14s or six of the 16x20s to equal one 4’x6′ canvas. It Oversized Canvas Flowersmay not always take 24 times the time of an 11×14 (which would be about 48 hours), but it’s fair to say these usually take us six times as long as the 16x20s (about 18-20 hours total for something abstract or up to about 40 hours for something with detail) to paint the large canvases. So when you go to an art festival and you’re seeing large canvases for hundreds of dollars – keep in mind that in addition to all the paint and the cost of the canvas, they may have put in a full week’s work – so add a week’s salary to paint and canvas cost and you’re talking about at least a few hundred, if they’re really good at what they do expect to pay nearly $1000 or more.

So if you’re looking for some unique Christmas gifts come paint with us. For just $30 you can paint a 16×20″ gift canvas that would cost much, much more if you were to pay a professional artists. Check out our calendar for when to schedule your paint party and finish your Christmas gift shopping while you enjoy a nice bottle of wine and some relaxing painting! Call 251-343-2423 for reservations.

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Butterfly CustomerWe had a great time last night with our first Two for Tuesday. Love this butterfly that one of our customers painted. This was from one of our new idea look books and she really made it her own with some intricate colors on the wings. Then the fun part – the splatter!

This is a good example of how you don’t have to “color in the lines” to end up with something beautiful. Art is about having fun and doing your own thing – and this painting really illustrates how much fun it is to relax a little and let your inner artist flow.

Come in and paint your own masterpiece for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone on your list. Check our calendar for our extended hours this month and call 251-343-2423 for reservations.

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ButterflyLooking for something special to give as a Christmas gift? Don’t have time between now and Christmas to come paint with us? Let our studio artists paint one of our gallery images for you or you can provide your own custom artwork.

For us to paint a 16×20″ from our gallery is just $50. An 11×14″ from our gallery is just $45 and a 9×12″ from our gallery is just $35.

Have your own image? Email it to us at and we will give you a cost estimate.

Want to change the colors of something in our gallery? We can do that. Want to personalize it with a Bible quote or a monogram? We can do that.

Just call us at 251-343-2423 for more information on how we can help make your Christmas more art-centric.

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Come join us for Two-for-Tuesdays from 1pm-10:30pm. Bring the kids (ages 6+) after school to paint and order a pizza. It’s a great family night with two 11×14″ canvases for $25 or two 16×20″ canvases for $30. After 7:30pm it’s adults only – so get the kids started by 5:30pm so they can finish in time. Adults welcome throughout the day and evening. Adults can BYOB to paint & sip. Bring a date, bring a friend, bring a relative or come early and paint two paintings all by yourself!! Call 251-343-2423 for reservations. Walk-ins welcome if seats available.


Open Studio 19

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Brandy Smith CupcakesWe have added daytime hours for November (through December) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for those wanting to come in individually or in small groups to paint Christmas gifts or just to relax from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Our new November Calendar is up on our website and has links to our new events and hours.

We’ve also added two sessions a week (Thursday afternoons from 1pm-3pm and Saturday afternoons from 12pm-3pm) for the little painters (ages 3+). We had such a good time on Halloween with our “All You Can Paint” Art Tables – we decided we’d continue through the holiday season.

We’ve moved our $20 Saturday afternoon special to 3pm-6pm on Saturdays (ages 6+) to be essentially a paint & sip happy hour. Arrive before 6pm any Saturday and paint for $20. Adults can keep painting after 6pm (take as much time as you need) but kids 6-16 need to finish by 6pm as that’s when we turn up the party for our adults evening paint & sip sessions. If you arrive after 6pm on Saturdays it’s back to the standard pricing.

Last but not least – we’re introducing Two for Tuesdays starting November 10th. That’s right – two people paint for the price of one. Two 16×20″ canvases for $30 or two 11×14″ canvases for $25. Kids and adults welcome from 1pm-7:30pm. Bring the kids after school and order pizza for a fun and affordable family paint night. Tweens and teens looking for something to do after school? Drop them off at the studio to paint – just pick them up by 7:30pm. Adults only after 7:30pm on Tuesday nights.  Adults – this is our new “date night” – bring a friend, bring a date, bring anyone you want to split the cost with – and bring your drinks and snacks to enjoy while you paint – we’ve got the art supplies covered.

Call 251-343-2423 for reservations. Walk-ins welcome for special events if seats are available.