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Birthday Bling Party – Paint these fun frames or jewelry boxes and then bling them with jewels.

Looking for something new to do for girls birthday parties? We’ve got a Birthday Party Bling option – come in and paint these fun frames or jewelry boxes and then bling them up with jewels for a great birthday activity and party gift.

What a fun birthday party favor!

Paint them in pretty, bright colors, add stamped words and then go for the bling!

This birthday party activity is sure to be a hit with all your friends as you decorate with stamps of Happy Birthday, Friends Forever or your BFFs names on the frames.

After the party, you can put pictures of your friends in the frames for a lasting memory keepsake. Call 251-343-2423 to book your Birthday Bling Party today!


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We also have a stage area that can be used by instructors or performers. The Chairs can be folded up and chairs adjusted for a performance in the studio.

Paint Party Studios is the largest open studio art studio in the Gulf Coast region. Our main studio is about 2000 sf and has space to set up for an art group of about 100 people with tables, chairs and table-top easels. The back studio space is about 1000 sf and can be set up with tables and chairs for about 20 people or there are workbenches across the back wall for about a dozen people for an art workshop. When we remove the tables and easels in the main studio, we can set up about 150 chairs auditorium-style facing the stage.

So in addition to being able to host paint parties for up to 100 people, we want to share our studio space with fellow artists in the Mobile area.

If you are interested in holding an art workshop, a musical, theatrical or poetry reading performance, a craft night, a DIY group night or any other artistic endeavour that needs a large studio space or even if you’re just looking for space to get out of your house so when you spill paint, it’s on our floors not yours, give us a call about using our studio space for your artistic activity.

We are happy to host art events – particularly those that make art more accessible to all. Please call us today at 251-343-2423 to find out about reserving our artist studio space or to plan your art event.

We can set up the studio space for small or large groups. Our studio can host up to 100 artists at tables with easels as well as small groups looking for a place to create.

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Baker's Half-dozen

Make advance, pre-paid reservations for six, get the 7th free!

I’m new to the area – so I had never heard the word Lagniappe (and I’m still not sure I’m pronouncing it right!). But I looked it up and discovered it loosely relates to what those of us out west would call a “bakers dozen”.

So here at Paint Party Studios – we want to introduce our own version of Lagniappe – a half-baker’s dozen. When you make advance, pre-paid reservations for six or more of your creative friends to come in for a paint party, as the event planner, you can paint free. In other words, the 7th one is free for a half-dozen (or more) reservation.

This offer is good if everyone’s painting choice is the same price (six of the same size canvas, six wood door hangers, and so on) and cannot be combined with our student or military discount. Reservations must be pre-paid at least 48 hours in advance.

If you would rather share the Lagniappe with your friends, instead of painting for free, you can take $5 off the price for everyone in your group as long as you pre-pay at least 48 hours in advance in one group payment. (NOTE: To get the $5 off each person, the payment must be one group payment.)

So come enjoy a Lagniappe from us when you plan ahead with a pre-paid advance reservation for your group’s next paint party. Call 251-343-2423 to reserve now.

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Teresa Tiffany Floral

Artist and former Paint Party Studios owner Teresa Dean stopped by to teach the Tiffany Floral last night.

We are SO excited to welcome Teresa Dean back to Paint Party Studios!

She dropped in last night to teach the Tiffany Floral for a wonderful birthday party girls night out. We can’t wait to get Teresa back in for more classes – she’s such a talented artist and instructor and she knows how to make sure everyone is having a great time while they paint!

Last nights’ class discovered their hidden painting talents and treated themselves to delicious appetizers and drinks they had brought to celebrate together. They were a wonderful and fun group that we hope to see back soon.

If you would like to book a class with Teresa or any of our talented artists – just call 251-343-2423 or email us at


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Cute Daphne Pumpkin

Inspiration can come from many places

As an artist, ideas and inspiration sometimes come when you least expect it. This morning I was out for a bike ride in Daphne, stopped on a not-so-steep-but-still-kicking-my-butt hill, looked over and saw the cutest pumpkin decoration made of corrugated steel on the house across the street.

The picture didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, but it captured the idea. I often drive my companions nuts while out for bike rides as I stop to take pictures of random things I see that give me ideas for later art projects. The other day I was out for a walk and saw lots of acorns on the ground and was reminded of something I saw on Pinterest about painting acorns with Halloween designs.

That’s one reason I love Pinterest – it lets you organize these random images of ideas into a visual reminder of what you saw that sparked a creative idea.

I’m always looking for fresh new ideas for the studio, for the canvas and wood cutouts that we offer, as well as for fresh ideas that let us paint outside traditional mediums. Keep checking back with this blog and Like our Facebook and Follow our Pinterest boards as we continue to introduce fun new ideas to uncork your creative talents at the studio.

Have a creative painting idea of your own? Call us and see if we can help you turn your creative idea into a fun paint party for you and your friends. We love to customize paint parties to help you make memorable keepsakes for everyone that attends.

Every day is an adventure when you’re open to new ideas that come when you least expect them!

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We’ve launched our new website and with it the ability to better communicate with our customers through this blog, our Facebook Page and our Pinterest Boards. As we move into the holiday season, we’re working on sharing creative ideas to make your Paint Party Studios paint party experience more memorable through personalized party planning.

For example, we’ve posted lots of ideas to our Pinterest boards to celebrate Halloween and football season with wood cutout painting ideas including candy corns, pumpkins, footballs, fleur de lis and more.

We also are always looking for ways to make your baby shower or bachelorette party extra special. We have a Pinterest board for Wedding Ideas that includes painting a wooden letter cutout to be a creative twist on a wedding guest book. Or you can paint a large canvas with a beautiful heart or other romantic theme and have your guests sign that at your reception.

For baby showers, we would love to help design some wonderful painting items for your nursery that your friends can help paint for you as part of your baby shower paint party.

With football season in full swing – let’s not forget high school sports. We can design a high school band, cheerleading or booster club fundraiser around your team’s mascot or wooden footballs including fun picture frames that attendees can paint in your school colors.

Please take a look at our new website, click on the Pinterest or Facebook links at the top of the screen and browse the many ideas and then come in or contact us at to set up your next paint party for a fun evening with friends and a wonderful keepsake.