Make Your Painting Your Own

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Patti's HeartHL Swirl HeartPeople ask us all the time if they can change their painting from what we have in the gallery. Our answer is, “OF COURSE YOU CAN!” It’s your painting you can do what you want with it and we’re happy to help you with it.

This last weekend, we had lots of people customize their paintings – here are just three examples. From changing the entire look of the painting (the heart painting changed to a heart on chevron background) to changing the style of the painting (the peacock changed color but also the whole style of the feathers) to just changing up the colors (blue dog became the painter’s own brown dog); you can customize your painting as much as you want.

Many people know they can bring their own painting ideas in to paint – but they may not realize they can change up paintings in our gallery to personalize them and make them unique.

Patti was looking for something to paint for her bedroom and while the swirls and stars are fun and whimsical, they didn’t really fit with what she had in mind. So we sketched the heart and added chevrons. This photo is a work-in-progress, but by the time she was done we had added some rustic effects that really pulled it all together as something she felt would go well with her decor.

The pink and purple peacock (below) was a fun alternative with a little more texture and a little brighter color than the original from our gallery. And blue dog became a favorite pet by changing him to brown.

So if you see an image in the gallery you like, but the colors or something about the style isn’t what you want – change it up to put your personal touch on it. We love that!

Call 251-343-2423 for reservations and check out our Facebook page where we have tons of photos where people have truly put their own personal style into their paintings. 
PeacockpeacockBC1023 Blue Dog Beachbrown dog

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