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As we celebrate the new year and ring in 2016, we’ve had a fun week this week with some fantastic custom paintings by our talented customers. We were using pallet knives, splatter paint, custom fonts and starting with a black canvas background, a tissue paper textured background and of course we added some glitter to some of the paintings to make them pop. We also took some images we’ve used before but changed them up to make them unique like the couples version of the Twisted Tree on two canvases and cropping our popular “Inspire” painting and turning it vertical. We love when the creativity is flowing and when customers are eager to try something new.

Pallet ChurchBallet Palet KnifeBallet pallet knife in process This rustic church and abstract ballerina were both painted primarily with pallet knives instead of brushes to get the heavy textured effect. In both cases the customers said they had no experience with pallet knife painting but their paintings look like they’re already pros at it. You can see the one image where we caught the artist in process with her pallet knife to illustrate how she got the texture on the dress. She also used the knife on the background to blend the browns and gold to get the abstract effect. She used a paintbrush for the arms, legs and head.

With the church, we used a heavier white to blend throughout to give some added texture to the sky and church walls.


IloveVB2IloveVBWe had a volleyball player painting with us on Tuesday night so we found this image that looked like fun. It was so much fun that on Wednesday when another volleyball player saw the picture she decided she’d paint it as well – but changed up the colors to make it her own.

For this painting, the artists painted the background, the letters and the volleyball, then they blended their colors on the heart. When that was finished and dry, we outlined everything and then got out the splatter brushes. (Actually on Tuesday we did it backwards and outlined after the splatter – we corrected that on Wednesday :). You can see from the picture on the left a closeup of our tools and in the picture on the right you see the splatter painting in-process as we flick some color on the painting.

Both of them turned out great and we anticipate this being a popular painting for our artists who love volleyball.


ILoveVB Finished


Lee Name SignWe also helped with a fun custom font painting this week. The idea was to paint a name canvas to hang on a wall with lots of family photos. Our customer came up with the font and the overall vision and we gave her instructions on how to get there. We started with a black canvas and painted forward with layers in a rustic effect. We dried it and sketched the font on for her (creating our own lower case letters as her sample only had upper case – so together we invented a little of our own font). She painted the letters and then added some extra swishes and dots to give it the whimsical effect. It turned out looking great.

Tissue Abstract


Another customer had formed an idea for an abstract painting she wanted to do and then she saw some of our experimental canvases with tissue paper texture on them. She asked if she could give it a try and with a little instruction and some patience while the tissue paper dried, she had a 16×20″ canvas with texture ready to paint. She got creative with some white, grey, black and lime green and then followed with some silver paint to make it pop. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t capture the texture and colors as much as I’d like – the photo just doesn’t do it justice but everyone at the studio that night was admiring it and thought she was pretty daring for taking on an experimental project without knowing exactly how it might turn out. That’s what many artists do all the time as they try new techniques so we love it when customers are willing to take risks and let their inner artist flow.


Of course hardly an evening goes by without a little bit of glitter coming out. Miss April from the The Dance Academy of Mobile
stopped by with some of her instructors (including the artist with the pallet knife ballet painting we already mentioned).ballerina closeup

Miss April’s painting needed something to make it pop so we got out the glitter paint and some bling and gave her tiara some jewels and her costume some sparkle. The glitter doesn’t always sOlaf Pink how up well in photos – but if you’ve ever been in the studio and seen a painting with a little shimmer, you know it is a fun way to give your painting that extra something.

Olaf even got a little sparkle on Wednesday afternoon – we love how this little painter changed up the background colors to match her room and at the end we really felt it needed some sparkle to finish it.

She had a great time adding the pink sparkle paint over her background. Her sister painted Flounder so we added blue sparkle to her ocean background.

Inspire Vertical

Olaf wasn’t the only painting that got a make-over this week – we had some other popular paintings that we changed up – including cropping the “Inspire” painting and turning it vertical and changing up the dress color to a cool mint green. She then used the copper metalic paint to give the hair that shimmer that you can see a little in the image.

We also took the “Twisted Tree” and made it into a couples painting on two canvases (below). Many of our gallery images can be turned into a couples painting for a fun date night – just ask and we’ll help you pick one to paint with your special someone.

Couple Paintingt
What a great way to wrap up a busy December – lots of creativity and beautiful paintings. If you’re feeling inspired by these ideas or have your own idea, call us at 251-343-2423 for reservations to come paint your own unique masterpiece.









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