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We had some fun last week with our Wednesday class doing our art version of a Windows upgrade.┬áSomeone in Midtown was selling these old windows on Craigslist last summer and, since our Midtown studio doesn’t have a lot of windows, we thought we’d try something creative to make it seem like we had more of a view. With the help of our super artists in our Wednesday Mixed Media Art Class, we sketched out a beach theme on some unstretched canvas and went to work painting as a team.

Window Beach UmbrellaThose in charge of water did a fantastic job mixing various blues and teals together to give the ocean a more realistic look, but the most fun was when we pulled out the sponges to give the sand some texture and add clouds in the sky. For a short time a storm blew in on our umbrella painting – our artists were having so much fun with their sponges they covered the whole sky in clouds. Since we had already committed to a sunny scene, we got some more blue paints out and went back to a sunny day, covering up the sky full of clouds with sponged on blue sky.

Window Beach CrabThere was teamwork throughout the process as the umbrella painting required some coordination to pick the umbrella colors by group vote. I’m also very impressed with the team that painted the crab. One of our young artists, Ella, did most of the sketching for the crab herself as a freehand drawing after class a couple of weeks before. She then led her group in mixing reds and oranges to get the color she wanted and when he was just right, they got out the tiny brushes and outlined him in black. When they were all done, we added just a few highlights here and there.

Both paintings turned out really, really well – I couldn’t be more proud of the talented artists in our after school Mixed Media Art Class. Now that we have the canvas stretched onto the windows, we just need to get the hardware to hang them. So next time you’re in the studio, be sure to get a look at our Windows upgrade. I hope you’re as impressed with the kids’ artwork as we are!

Window Beach Scenes

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