BIG Canvas Painting

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Courtney PaintingThose of you who have been to the studio have seen our giant paintings by our staff artists Meghan and Jordan and if you’ve stopped by in the last few weeks you’ve probably also seen the fish painting Daniel’s been working on lately. Everyone was having so much fun painting the giant canvases, I finally made time to start on one of my own. It’s no small task to paint a 5’x6′ canvas – especially when I’m in my home studio which is not very big. You can see I have it up off the floor by using 4×4 blocks. Since it’s 6′ tall I couldn’t get it much higher up without getting paint on my ceiling. So I had to sit on the floor to get that last corner. I finished the background Wednesday┬ánight and am working on some ideas of what the subject will be. I had an idea in my head but it was with reds and oranges for the background and when I went through my paints the blues caught my eye… Now I have to start over on my idea!

I posted this to my personal page and a very good friend commented on how happy and relaxed I look – and yes painting definitely makes me happy and relaxed. We find it has the same effect on many of our customers who comment about how relaxing it is to paint. If you’ve never painted before, give it a try – it can be very therapeutic. Call us at 251-343-2423 for reservations for a happy and relaxed evening of painting.

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