ARTober Painting a Day Reflection

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Bold CoffeeI started this month with a goal of finishing a painting a day. It seemed like an attainable goal and I also had secretly planned to paint multiple paintings some days to pay it forward for days I was too busy to paint or was having artist block.

As it turns out, while I picked up a paintbrush nearly every day this month and I definitely helped over 31 customers and after school art students with their paintings, it is hard for me to find time to sit down and paint a complete painting a day of my own.

To be fair I started painting two oversized canvases this month, painted some custom images that I didn’t share online because they were for private group paint parties and I also painted a few paintings that I just wasn’t happy enough with to post, so I probably painted enough canvas this month to count as 31 paintings, but in the end this first month of Painting a Day proved I will need to find some more time for my own paintings.

Of course I have more fun working in the studio when customers are there, and when I have customers, I tend to focus on them, not my own work. And it’s not as much fun to paint in an empty studio. But clearly if I want to get a Painting a Day completed in November, I’ll have to be more disciplined about my plan.

Maybe I just need to start drinking coffee – like this Bold Coffee painting I painted this week.

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