ARTober Painting a Day #2

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Yellow Autumn FlowersThe weather turned to Autumn quickly in the last couple of days so here’s a fall-inspired floral for our ARTober Paint a Day #2. This includes a little bit of heavy body acrylic on the petals – the background was a mix of paints that were left over from another painting – lots of oranges, yellow and browns mixed together.

We’re always saying in the studio “Acrylic is very forgiving – if we do something we don’t like – we can always paint over it.” Even the kids have picked up on that saying! This painting is an example of that – I painted the stems at another angle and it just wasn’t working for me so I went back over them with the background colors and did them again until I got them in a position I liked.

This is part of the painting process and why we like using acrylics at Paint Party Studios. It allows us to get a do-over if our painting starts to go in a direction we don’t like!

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