50+ New Images Added to Our Gallery

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WL7056 Queen Peacock We’re excited to add over 50 new images to our online gallery including some fun new owls and peacocks which are always popular with our Paint Party Studios guests.
Whether you want to paint your own idea or choose from our gallery of hundreds of images, we’ve got professional artists on staff to help you create your own masterpiece.

What we like about these paintings is the bold use of color in each of them. The multi-colored owl is especially fun – it looks like she painted it with neon paints but really that’s just bold colors and the black paint makes it really pop.

WL7058 Green Glam PeacockWe are often asked if everyone has to use the same colors as the original and our answer is always – not at all! We love it when our customers change up the colors and put their own personal twist on the images from our gallery!
Another fun twist is when painters add a little metalic or glitter paint to their painting. If you look closely at the green peacock, you may be able to see the shimmer of glitter that makes it pop. Likewise there’s some gold metallic paint on the gold and purple peacock.

WL7055 Purple OwlWe also have fun with swirls to add a little whimsy to paintings and make an otherwise flat space look fun and fresh. these curly swirls work well here – other times we use S swirls or polka dots or even chevrons to add a little pizazz to paintings.

WL7057 Neon Owl The important thing to remember is to relax and have fun while painting. Each of these paintings turned out fantastic, but they all went through what we call the “awkward stage” that all acrylic paintings go through. Some of the painters that were first-timers started to get a little discouraged when it hit the “awkward phase”, but were delighted when it started to come together to be the amazing finished painting they got to take home with them.

Call us at 251-343-2423 to make your reservations to paint one of our new gallery images, one of our old favorites or bring your own idea.


WL7048 Smug Owl

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