Kids Art Classes at Schools and at Paint Party Studios

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MonetAfter School Art Classes

We’re having fun this month with our kids classes at schools and here in Midtown at Paint Party Studios. Last week in our after school classes we studied Claude Monet and painted our own version of his “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge”. We learned that the Japanese garden he painted was on his own estate in France. We also learned about impressionism which translated into kids class means a sortof fuzzy painting. To get a similar effect on our own paintings, we used packing peanuts as our paintbrush. Before we painted, we taped out a bridge and then when the painting was dry and we removed the tape, we had clean white lines for our bridge where the paint didn’t touch the paper. This picture is before we pulled the tape.

Wednesday Blue DogEllas Blue Dog 3This week we welcomed some new students to our Wednesday after school Mixed Media Art Class and had fun learning about Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, famous for his Blue Dog paintings. We looked at some of his original Blue Dog paintings to see how Mr. Rodrigue’s Blue Dog stayed the same but the backgrounds changed. Then step-by-step we drew our own Blue Dogs and added our own fun backgrounds. Things got a little zany when Blue Dog became a mermaid and a disco dancer for some of our creative students! We love it when the kids do their own thing and put their imagination to work to make their drawings and paintings unique!

Ella's Blue Dog

Two of our young artists had recently visited New Orleans with their family where they had seen a Blue Dog painting on the Sheraton on Canal Street so they had a first-hand idea of what a real Blue Dog painting looked like and could tell the class about it.


Monday's Blue Dogs

Our Monday students also had a fun time customizing their Blue Dog drawings (picture right). As an instructor there’s no better reward than seeing students gain confidence in their ability to do what they previously felt they couldn’t do.

The Monday group is making such great progress, I’m especially proud of the young artist that drew the Blue Dog in the top right corner. He has come such a long way since August with his new confidence in art translating into more confidence in other areas of school and among his peers. He worked very hard on his Blue Dog and was the last one to finish and his attention to detail and hard work really shows in the final product.

We still have a few seats available in our Wednesday afternoon Mixed Media Art Class that meets from 3:30-4:30 at our studio at 15 Upham Street (Upham and Old Shell Rd.). Kids ages 6-10 learn about famous artists and then paint or draw our own versions of great paintings. Call 251-343-2423 to register.

School Art Lesson Paint Parties

Van Gogh Sunflowers Closeup

Close Up of Sunflower

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Today we had a blast at a paint party with two combined classes of third grade. We learned about Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Third Version. We painted our own version of a close up of one of the top right sunflowers from the original painting.


The students are studying plants and so we were looking for some art that tied into the curriculum and we’re excited to find something where we could combine art with science. The students had a great time painting with their friends and even though we were all painting the same thing, each painting turned out unique as each child put their own creative twist on it. In fact, one girl raised her hand at the start and asked if they could be creative with their painting and we said ABSOLUTELY we LOVE that!


Courtney in SaralandSaraland Sunflowers 3Saraland Sunflowers 2

If you would like Paint Party Studios to visit your school, just give us a call at 251-343-2423. We are happy to work with you to tie the painting into your current curriculum or we can go with something just for fun.

We had 42 young painters today – these are just a few of the finished paintings (too many to fit in one photo), but all the kids did a fantastic job – they even outlined it themselves. Such talented artists!

Saraland Sunflowers

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